August Smith & Dylan Lancaster

Over the course of 2016, country musician Dylan Lancaster and poet-publisher August Smith exchanged typewritten poems on politics, heartbreak, memory, sorrow, dogs, and beer. From the outset, the poems were meant to value spontaneity over careful construction, free-wheeling expression over formal consideration, and lyrical observation over detachment. These poems are collected in Malfunctions, a co-written split chapbook. In January 2017, they brought the Malfunctions poems on a tour, reading alongside 14 poets in bookstores and basements across six US cities.

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"The poems in August Smith and Dylan Lancaster’s Malfunctions are infused with sorrow and humor, those twin spiraling doves, as they try to make sense of a world malfunctioning in its manner of care. Wry sheaves of heartbreak and pleasure spin from these pages –Jeff Goldblum’s sunglasses in a safe, a late night crawfish boil blackout, a dream of lungs full of sand. These poems ask us where is the space to cultivate, let us know the tomato juice on the sweater really is blood as we first believed. They are 'full of soul/and mischief, distracting you while Truth/sneaks in through the back door.' They sink their claws in because they care, and the pain will do us some good. This is a tremendous collection."

Glenn Shaheen, author of Energy Corridor